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Bioinspired ventilation for interior spaces

Graduate students: Shahar Grossbard, Hodaya Bitan

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Under the hypothesis that active ventilation concepts from biological transport systems can be integrated in architectural design, we model biomimetic active ventilation that is composed of multiple synchronized exterior modules that can ensure better air flow and healthier interior environments. The aim is to develop new mechanisms and architectural strategies for their implementation in building design. In addition to the ventilation study described in Section 2, we will also explore the concept of biomimetic active ventilation capability in the removal of carbon dioxide, pollutants, and other hazardous substances. In addition, we will expand on it by integrating heat exchangers and developing a double-skin building envelope equipped with filters to induce a clean air microenvironment around the room. The methodologies will include a computational analysis of air transport, an experimental real-size room, and the digital design of a new breathing double-skin building envelope.

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