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Modeling heart failure biomechanics and its treatment by device implantation

HFpEF is a form of heart failure which results from decreased relaxation of the left ventricle during filling. Hemodynamic alterations in the pressure of the left ventricle ultimately lead to remodeling of the myocardium, dilatation of the atrium and the ventricle, and their loss of function. We seek to investigate the mechanical behavior of this disease. A healthy computational model of four chambers beating heart will be modified to match the morphology of a HFpEF, followed by an inverse FEA analysis to determine the calibrated mechanical properties of the myocardium. This calibrated disease model will then be used to simulate the function of passive assist devices for treatment of HFpEF. This model will also allow comparing the function of various device designs, their effect on the heart’s function, and to estimate the device’s durability.

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